Stay Fundamentally Sound + Work Hard + Constantly Improve = Revenue Goes Up

Sales Training

We have NUMEROUS examples of the impact of improved mastery of the fundamentals of sales makes for individuals and firms. This is what results in increased sales.

If you are interested in long-term business relationships, then our practical sales coaching and training services will assist you.

One-On-One Sales Coaching

Just like star athletes have coaches, star sales people should have someone help refine and increase their abilities. Our skilled and experienced sales professionals can provide one-to-one coaching for any or all of your sales personnel.

Sales people need to train sales people. It shouldn’t be left up to professional trainers who have never sold. Our sessions are taught by people that have been successful in sales for many years. When better approaches and improved sales fundamentals are applied, revenue increases. At times, the results can be dramatic!

Sales Training Classes

In addition to our individual services, we offer training for groups or entire companies. There is significant interaction in these classes in order to make sure that the participants actually understand how to apply the fundamentals of sales to their particular situation. We are much more interested in having sales people perform the sales process better rather than gaining more "head knowledge" about sales.

Mastering the Fundamentals of Sales

All of our training is focused on mastering the fundamentals of sales including:

  • Understanding Why Prospects Buy and Why They Do Not Buy
  • Identifying True Prospects from Suspects
  • Cold Calling Effectively
  • Mastering Multiple Methods of Prospecting
  • Planning and Executing Effective Sales Calls
  • Generating Referrals
  • Calculating Your Income for the Next 30, 60 and 90 Days
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What is the value of improved application of sales fundamentals?

Many years ago we coached a sales person in advanced telephone skills. A few weeks after this coaching, he sought us out and told us that he made one call on a Thursday. That Friday the prospect purchased more than his annual quota.

Nothing fancy, no glitz, no fads, just proper application of the fundamentals of sales.

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