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Sales Person Recruitment

Any commodity recruiter can just send resumes. Our goal is to send only quality sales people who will be effective and are likely to stay with your firm long term.

We recommend only quality candidates

Increasing Revenue can help insure that the sales people hired actually are quality. As professional sales people who also coach other sales people, we are unusually qualified to test a sales person's actual selling ability. Typical recruiters are not able to do this.

We look beyond the resume to the person

We help our clients avoid pitfalls associated with hiring new sales people. We like to work with our clients so that they understand the critical characteristics of an appropriate sales person. Many firms have hired "sales people" that did not end up being what they hoped for when they were hired.

Many people hire "resumes" rather than "candidates." Resumes, while they have value, are often the most misleading method of evaluating a sales person.

We keep working with our clients after they hire

We like to keep working with our clients after the hiring process to help insure that the sales people are likely to remain for numerous years. The number one reason sales people look for new jobs is related to how their managers treat them. Top sales people tend to be driven, high strung, and impatient. While these traits are critical, they can be hard to manage. We can help insure that the manager/sales person relationship is smooth.

We keep working with our candidates during their first days

Finally, after our sales candidate starts to work for a firm, we open our Rolodex for that person. We also help by providing a wide range of free assistance to that sales person. After all, we are career sales people that provide sales coaching services.

Other Recruitment Needs

Are you looking at filling a unique position in your company? Increasing Revenue, Inc. is at your service to provide qualified candidates for hybrid operations or IT positions. We can customize a strategy to help you find just the right person to fit the role and the organization.

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What is the value of improved application of sales fundamentals?

Many years ago we coached a sales person in advanced telephone skills. A few weeks after this coaching, he sought us out and told us that he made one call on a Thursday. That Friday the prospect purchased more than his annual quota.

Nothing fancy, no glitz, no fads, just proper application of the fundamentals of sales.

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