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When it comes to the recruitment of sales personnel, Increasing Revenue is committed to finding the best fit for our clients. We know that future success is based on a highly professional sales staff who are:

  • Suited for your company’s culture
  • Highly motivated
  • Open to further development in their skills and strategies.

We want to help you reduce “hiring agony,” which is a major problem when you want to fill sales jobs. There are many aspects of recruiting just the right person than can’t be reduced to a question on a form, an entry on a resume or even a question during an interview. The answer is found through using an experienced sales recruiter who goes beyond the obvious to discover the real potential of a candidate.

Increasing Revenue has established a reputation for finding those individuals who not only fit but who will thrive in your corporate environment. We work with each potential candidate individually evaluating a number of factors that will lead to the right fit with a company.

Our goal is to minimize turnover of your personnel while maximizing the return rate on the investment you will be making in bringing a new sales person on board.

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Why Salesperson Turnover Should Rarely Happen

By Robert Brandau • December 05, 2012

In theory – and it should be a reality for every firm – salesperson turn over should rarely happen. A sales person has a ramp up time to develop a new client base. There is also a learning curve associated with every new job. When he/she changes jobs, significant commission is lost. Thus, it is almost never in a sales person's best interest to leave. Furthermore, changing jobs increases the risk that something could go wrong with his/her career.

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Writing Resumes Recruiters Can Easily Read

Beltway Job Search Partners

Monday Decemver 15, 2014 8:15 AM - 9:45 AM

Microsoft Store Training Center - Tyson's Corner Mall

Recruiters get 1000s of resumes. A recruiter will teach you to write your resume so that recruiters are more likely to read your resume. Register Now!


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