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Robert Brandau

Robert Brandau

Robert Brandau founded Increasing Revenue, Inc. in August 2001. This firm helps organizations find ways to increase their revenue, through sales training, sales person recruiting, marketing assistance and other revenue enhancing methods. Prior to the founding of this firm, he had numerous years as a sales person specializing in start up situations where no client base existed.

In 1912, Robert Brandau's great grandfather founded Brandau Printing in Nashville, TN. In 1987, Robert became the fourth generation of his family to work at Brandau Printing. Robert's customers included Toshiba, Saturn, UAW and other firms. The first prospect that he turned into a client was a division of the Ford Motor Company.

In 1992, he moved to Northern Virginia. He has worked in the litigation support industry, printing industry and information technology recruiting industry. He was top sales person in the Mid-Atlantic for his firm while in the information technology recruiting industry. Due to a family tragedy, he took a leave of absence from this firm. When he returned, he had lost his entire client base. Within five months, he was, once again, the top sales person in the Mid-Atlantic.

Most of Robert's experience is with start-up firms. He has a BA from the University of the South and a MBA from American University.

In 2001, he founded Increasing Revenue, Inc. This firm helps organizations find ways to increase their revenue. The Washington Business Journal (December 5, 2003) did a feature on Increasing Revenue, Inc., which they titled "Other People's Money." The Business Journal was looking for a firm that was thinking about franchising. When they found out that Increasing Revenue, Inc. was formed with the idea of becoming a franchise, they thought that it was newsworthy. Robert was also interviewed for US News and World Report's Annual Career Guide Issue. Robert has spoken at The American University, the CIA and the Herndon Dulles Chamber of Commerce.

Robert is a Director of the High Tech Prayer Breakfast and a Co-Founder of the Beltway Job Search Partners.

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Why Salesperson Turnover Should Rarely Happen

By Robert Brandau • December 05, 2012

In theory – and it should be a reality for every firm – salesperson turn over should rarely happen. A sales person has a ramp up time to develop a new client base. There is also a learning curve associated with every new job. When he/she changes jobs, significant commission is lost. Thus, it is almost never in a sales person's best interest to leave. Furthermore, changing jobs increases the risk that something could go wrong with his/her career.

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